10 juillet 2008

La chaîne d'informations en langue chinoise NTDTV censurée


"Reporters Without Borders calls on Giuliano Berretta, the CEO of the European satellite company Eutelsat, to quickly reverse its decision to suspend independent Chinese-language broadcaster NTDTV’s use of Eutelsat’s W5 satellite to broadcast to Asia.

Eutelsat claims it was forced to suspend NTDTV (New Tang Dynasty Television) on 16 June because of a technical problem but a recorded conversation with an employee of Eutelsat show it was a premeditated, politically-motivated decision violating the free flow of information and the convention under which Eutelsat operates."

You can find the transcript of the conversation inside the article (pdf file), in which we discover that the reasons they decided to give for stopping the signal was "technical reasons" (page 3).

On RSF's article, we also discover that NTDTV is related to the Falungong movement (forbidden in China).

As is La Grande Epoque, a bimonthly newspaper about China published worldwide, both on print and on the web. I discovered it a few days ago, walking past a Chinese restaurant. Of course the newspaper gives a big coverage about NTDTV being stopped, with links to the official petition. You can also read exerpts from the "9 commentaries on the Communist Party"

had never heard of NTDTV before, but I hope it will resume broadcasting, I think it would be interesting to watch (on satellite).

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peijin a dit…

it started back in 2003 or so, i remember arguing about it with Chinese classmate...i thought it was good but they said it was no good because it was the falungong press. What it comes down to is that they are an alternative voice--which is sorely needed in China. They are not the shining pinnacle of journalism, but yeah, they are vocal in the US. I once nearly got kicked out of press release with Wen Jiabao because i was in the same car as Grand Epoch reporter, he gave me a ride because i missed the bus. I told them i wasn't related to him. Eventually, the Americans said: we're in Boston, we play by American rules. You cannot shut out a journalist because of the outlet for which he works. This isn't China. They were afraid he would start protesting. He didn't. He wrote about the event: including the difficulties he faced trying to get into it.

Justice et Droits de l'Homme pour la Chine a dit…

Well it prooves how weird it is, and how evily the CCP lied to its people to make them totally hateful in regards to Falun Gong, and even the medias like Epoch Times and NTDTV, and they all prooved their quality.