10 décembre 2007

Breakfast at Tiffany's? Almost!

This morning I treated myself into a breakfast at La Coupole. What? It's Monday, and I hate Mondays...
La Coupole is a famous restaurant located in the 14th district (almost the 15th) on the Montparnasse boulevard (the one leading to the train station). Built in 1927, la Coupole embodies life in Paris during the "roaring twenties": loads of famous people had their favorite table, the main room is famous for being very big, with paintings, mirrors, all the 20's style architecture.
The name "la Coupole" stems from the fact that nearby are also the famous restaurants "le Select", la "Rotonde" and le "Dôme", all refering to something like a dome (except "le Select"). I heard that la Coupole's speciality is the lamb curry, but I had a look on the menu, and there was no lamb curry. Instead, some good cuisine, that I am sure, will live up to my expectations (compotée de légumes provençaux, œuf cassé et copeaux de parmesan; fricassée de poulet de Bresse au coulis d'écrevisses, légumes printaniers; gros macaron "framboises" et son sorbet, crème fouettée) , as soon as I come back for lunch or dinner.
But let's talk about the breakfast. I h
ad the choice between the Continental breakfast (beverage, fruit juice, basket of viennoiseries, bread, butter and jam, a piece of Kouglof cake. I chose the "Petit déjeuner de la Coupole": a Continental breakfast, plus eggs your style, ham, fruit salad or yoghurt. That was quite a lot! But the hot chocolate was tasty and the viennoiseries really good. However, the scrambled eggs I had ordered were too liquid, I had to use a spoon at the end (weird, scrambled eggs are not supposed to be liquid). Not surprising, I was surrounded by... business men or tourists.

Overall, this place is worth a visit: it's full of history, and I am sure it would be nice to see it packed during a busy evening and taste the menu. The breakfast was good, but not outstanding; parisians don't go there, instead they go to the average café where they can have a quick coffee and a "tartine".

La Coupole: 102 Boulevard Montparnasse, 75014 Paris. tel: 01 43 20 14 20. (book early!).
Breakfast: Continental: 14,5 euros; Petit déjeuner de la Coupole: 19 euros.

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