02 septembre 2010

Yankee vs. Red Sox

Love it! We are in a very competitive school, which fosters creativity and excellence, so when the Dean of Academic Affairs, Bill Grueskin, does not know what to do with a spare ticket to a baseball game... He organizes a twitter/haiku competition for the students.
Read below the email we all received in the evening: 

Dear students,

I have two extra tickets for J School students for the Yankee-Red Sox game scheduled at 4 pm on Saturday, Sept. 25. And rather than have a boring raffle to give them out, we decided to have a contest.

To embrace old and new media, we will give one ticket to the student who authors the best tweet about the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry, and one ticket to the student who can do the best haiku about the rivalry. The winning entries will be original, passionate and historically accurate.


Your tweet must be 140 characters or less. Your haiku must be three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, five in the third.

To enter, send your Tweet to (XXX)  and/or your Haiku to (XXX). Only current J School students (part- or full-time, MS, MA or PhD) can enter. Deadline is 10 am on Monday, Sept. 13.

You can enter each contest only once (thus, each student can send in one Haiku and/or one Tweet.) 


Each contest will have one winner and two runners-up. If a winner can’t go, the ticket goes to the next runner-up in that category.

Winning and runner-up entries will be announced via the J School list serve. All decisions are final, and arbitrary.


Good luck!

So now, wait...who are the Red Sox?

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