08 novembre 2010

Courir après le temps

Meb Keflezighi, from the US, races toward the end. He won the marathon last year but finished 6th today
Aujourd'hui fut une journée marathon dans tous les sens du terme.
The ING New York City marathon was this morning. I'm writing an article on the economic impact of the NYC marathon on the city itself for the class website, so I had to attend anyway. On top of that, in my Digital Media Newsroom class my partner and I pitched a story for a 1 to 2mn-video: we follow around a father and his son from France before, during and after the marathon.
I got up at 3.45 am this morning to catch the subway and be on time to shoot them leaving the hotel Intercontinental near Times Square at 5.15 am. We stayed around the race the whole time, shooting and cheering at the elite runners (In a stunning development, Gebrselassie abandonned and is retiring! See results) and then recorded our last bit, when the son met the father after the race, then went home.

I was so sad not to be able to run the marathon this year. I had such a wonderful experience last year, but I rightfully decided not to apply this year because I knew that with the J-School, there was no way I could have trained seriously.  When will my next marathon be?

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