29 août 2010

Boot camp

Wow, time flies...I thought my latest post was about one week ago, turns out it is a lot older...
I am still doing the "technical training" at the J school: audio and photo training. It is frankly nothing new for me, as I have been doing the same at Sciences Po. Except Final Cut Pro, because I had been using Avid Newscutter instead (which, I think, is better! But maybe my opinion will change during the course of the year).
So basically, I was a little bored in class, but I really hope that will change. The school is so expensive I can not afford to be bored.

For my audio profile I interviewed a resident E.R. physician, a lovely girl who agreed to talk to me during her break. She was so nice. She was the first person I talked to after we had been given the assignment, so I got lucky. She was coming out of Saint Luke's hospital and going to get a cup of iced coffee. I want to post my radio on the blog, but it is terrible....

Then for my audio postcard, I went to Spin on a Friday night and found out that it is a great place: a bar, good music with a DJ, a ping pong practice with tables that you can rent (it's a bit on the pricey side unfortunately), and every Friday night, the "Dirty Dozen" competition with the best players of the country (and abroad too since there were some French players that night, woohoo!). It was a lot of fun, I could talk to the players, and there was one funny guy, Kazuyuki Yokoyama, who can not help but strip down to his underwear to entertain the crowd.
Oh, and Susan Sarandon is one of the business partners, and she was there with her friends that night. Sweet.

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